Pastors Dennis & Patti Amsden

Bio on Pastor Dennis:

Apostle Dennis W. Amsden is the senior pastor and founder of Son Life Church in Collinsville, Illinois. Son Life Church produces many ministries: a Christian school, fine arts ministry education, local and overseas missions, an accredited Bible school, as well as many services to the local body and local area. All of these ministries flow from Apostle Amsden’s vision of seeing God’s kingdom established “on earth as it is in heaven.”

Pastor Amsden truly displays the heart of a father, having the desire to assist the next generation in preparing to take their place of leadership in every realm of society, from the home, the church, the marketplace and beyond. Two ministries offered at Son Life Church which offer post-high school education are the Master’s Commission and Son Life School of Theology.

City Gate Ministry, of which Pastor Dennis has an apostolic role, was introduced in January of 2003. City Gate is a governing network, assisting church leadership in the training and commissioning of the saints for marketplace ministry. There are currently four churches along with several other ministries that comprise the City Gate membership.

It is also Pastor Amsden’s desire to be of service to his local community. He makes himself available to our local civic leaders such as the city mayor, police chief and others to keep them in prayer regarding issues of concern to our local municipality.

In conjunction with his responsibilities in Collinsville, Pastor Amsden travels throughout the United States and abroad proclaiming God’ plan for the church. He has ministered in over twenty states in the U.S. His ministry travels abroad have included Japan, Malaysia, India, the Bahamas and Mexico. Pastor Amsden is on the board of the Federation of Churches. A man of intense vision and passion, Pastor Amsden kindles flames of vision, hope, and victory everywhere he goes.

Bio on Pastor Patti:

Dr. Patti Amsden  is an anointed teacher, preacher and prophet.  Along with her husband, Pastor Dennis Amsden, she brings pastoral and administrative skills to the church which they pioneered, Son Life in Collinsville, Illinois. As wife, mother of five and grandmother, Patti has had a particular interest in using her teaching gift to help ground their family, their assembly and their Christian Academy in a Biblical world view.   She is the author of several books; Evidence that Calls Us to Dance  and The Law of Boundaries.

Patti served the International Worship Symposium as a staff teacher for twelve years. She has  founded a liturgical dance company, sponsored a small dance supply business and hosted numerous dance workshops.

Patti also travels as faculty with Christian Life School of Theology, a seminary based out of Columbus, Georgia. Along with her extensive ministry in the United States, she has ministered the Word of God in China, Japan, England, Malaysia, and the Bahamas.