Authorization & Accreditation

Son Life School of Theology

Authorization & Accreditation

Christian Life School of Theology is an independent educational ministry and is thoroughly biblical in its philosophy of education. CLST is a ministry to the local church, directly under its auspices, and has no direct affiliation with any other ecclesiastical organization.

Christian Life School of Theology is authorized to grant degrees under the provision of the Post-secondary Educational Authorization Act, Georgia Code 20~3-100 et sec, and has obtained exemption through such act. CLST has met the requirements for the purpose of issuing degrees.

Christian Life School of Theology is a member of the Southern Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges. A national association located in Atlanta, Georgia, the organization is not, and does not seek to be, recognized by the U,S. Department of Education. SAABC was founded in 1952.

Although the CLST educational program has been evaluated by SAABC.  CLST IS NOT A FULLY ACCREDITED INSTITUTION, i.e., its accreditation is not recognized by the United States Department of Education. One must not refer to CLST as an accredited institution unless he or she qualifies the statement by noting that its accreditation is with SAABC,

Additional information about SAABC may be obtained by writing the office of 5MBC at P.O. Box 3233, Atlanta, GA 30302.

Christian Life School of Theology is a member of The Apostolic Council for Educational Accountability. This is an agency holding high standards of educational accountability for its members and is located at 11005 Hwy. 83 N” Suite 127, Colorado Springs, Colorado. The president of Christian Life School of Theology has been accepted into membership in the Association of Christian Continuing Education Schools and Seminars (ACCESS),

Christian Life School of Theology isan approved Continuing Education Unit (C.E.U.) provider for the Association of Christian Schools International. ACSI is the largest provider of Christian Schools education at the elementary and secondary levels in the world with thousands of preschool, elementary and secondary institutions. CLST is approved to teach the teachers of these institutions and award them continuing education units for CLST courses.

The following are guidelines for verifying continuing education units:

I. Signatures must appear on the C.E.U. certificate.

2. The area (Bible or Professional Education) must be indicated and the tide of the in-service must appear on the C.E.U certificate.

3. Only continuing education units earned after the approval date of November 1997 from the ACSI Certification Office will be accepted.

4. Each CLST course intensive is approved by ACSI for one C.E.U.

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