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Son Life Church is a non-denominational church.  We hold to the cardinal doctrines of the faith embraced by orthodox and reformed churches.  Founded upon ancient theology and embracing charismatic worship patterns, Son-Life is an extraordinary blend of both the old and the new, hosting stability and vitality.  Believing that Jesus empowered His church to show forth His kingdom “on earth as it is in heaven”, we endeavor to dwell together in love and purity and to make disciples of all men. 

  • Members – Information on how to be a member &  news for our local assembly
  • Pastors – Biographical sketches for Pastor’s Dennis & Patti Amsden
  • Vision & Mission Statements – Overview of beliefs & doctrine
  • Departments- A complete list of all available ministry & outreach opportunities
  • Hours – Service schedule & office hours
  • Location – Map and directions to our Collinsville, IL complex